The Ultimate Mont Blanc Scratch Remover
Mont Blanc Polish

The Ultimate 3-Step Pen Polish

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The Ultimate Mont Blanc Scratch Remover

The Ultimate 3-Step Pen Polish

Product Description

This is what started it all — with thousands and thousands of kits out there right now!

Tired of scratches and scuff marks dulling my pens, but with no product on the market that was up to my standards... I took it into my own hands!

The power of the system is that it consists of three different compounds that excel at their specific tasks, instead of being one compound that is average (or worse!) at everything!

Step #0 is a scratch remover with diminishing micro-abrasives. It actually gets "finer" as you use it, which guarantees you never mar the finish!

Step #1 is a cleaner and non-abrasive polish that further cleans and removes ultrafine scratches that are normally barely perceptible.

Step #2 is a final seal that increases shine to an almost mirror-like level while also adding a layer of protection against fingerprints, UV damage, and scratches.

It also includes a phenomenal, plush microfiber towel for FREE!

Each kit lasts 50+ uses!

    What's Included?
    • Step #0: Scratch Remover
    • Step #1: Resin Cleaner and Polish
    • Step #2: High Gloss Resin Glaze
    • 100% Microfiber Polishing Cloth
    • Instruction Guide
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Over the years, I have gotten quite a few questions from pen owners like you about my various products. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, and my answers.

    If you have any other questions, please shoot me a message via the contact form or the chat on the bottom right of every page!

    It's not just to make things more complicated! It's actually why Ultimate Pen Polish was created — who would have guessed by the name, right?

    Many people know the phrase "Jack of all Trades," but there is a second part to it... "Master of None." That is what I saw when I was looking around, over ten years ago, to get rid of scratches on my Mont Blanc pens (which, I swear, got scratched up just from the air touching them).

    How could one product claim to be the best at removing scratches as well as protecting the pen? Frankly, how could one product claim to remove both big and small scratches? Anyone who's ever used sandpaper knows that a 120 grit and 1000 grit perform different functions!

    So, I formulated the perfect, three step system... one that would utilize different products to perform different tasks in the best way!
    Step #0 is a scratch remover. I called it "Step #0" because it is not necessarily be used every time, only when needed. It is abrasive, so it powers through scratches. However, it is also a unique, diminishing abrasive so the grit size slowly gets smaller as it is used and essentially works down to a smooth finish. No need for multiple grits!

    Step #1 is a resin cleaner and polish. Unlike Step #0, Step #1 has no abrasives. Instead, it works purely via chemical means to fill and remove "micro scratches." Microscratches are often times too small to see with the naked eye, but large enough that they run the shine and end up making the barrel look hazy. Step #1 is unique in that it also works to get oxidation off of the metal trim of your pens.

    Step #2 is the finishing touch: a high-gloss resin glaze that creates an amazing, deep mirror-like shine on the barrel of your pen. I mean, you can literally see your reflection in it! But that isn't all it does, it also protects your pen from future damage— not just microscratches and the like, but also damage from ultraviolet light, oils, and general grime from the world!
    All pens!

    Of course, the three step system will work on resin and lacquer pens (which is what almost all higher-end pens are made with). Step #0 can be used on solid metal pens that are notplated, along with Steps #1 and #2. If your pen is plated, don't use Step #0, instead Steps #1 and #2 can also be used on the pen to remove oxidation and protect it.
    If you are not writing with a pen that is solid gold or silver, it is almost guaranteed to be plated.

    This means that it has a layer of metal over another metal (often brass). This layer is extremely thin — around 1/40th of a millimeter! When you think about how thin that layer is, you can immediately understand why you don't use Step #0 on plated pens. It will immediately strip that layer off.