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The answer is a resounding yes! Don't forget, this all started because I was unhappy with the offerings I saw on the market and decided to formulate products, from scratch, for my own collection. I'm not in this to make money... I'm in it for the pens.

Unlike other products and companies out there, I am one of you. My wife will attest to the fact that I become almost unhinged when I hone in on a new product. It has to be perfect. There can't be any compromises. If there is a way to get a better result out of a system I am designing, it needs to be done.
Remember how, in the answer above, I stated that I am not in this to make money, I'm in it for the pens? That goal makes me one of the worst business owners!

When I design a new system, I aim not just to make the best product ever, but I work to make it as cost-effective as possible for the end user. How does the end up presenting itself? Well... each of my systems ends up lasting anywhere from 50 to 100 (yes, ONE HUNDRED) uses per kit.

When you do the math, that comes out to pennies each time you restore or maintain your pens and watches!
Shipping and handling charges usually depend on the products you order and where you are located.

Generally, all orders over $20 get free shipping in the USA. International orders cost a flat rate of around $15 to ship, which is less than my cost.
I handle all payments through Shopify's encrypted payment system. I never see your credit card information or handle it in any way. On top of that, they offer cool payment methods like ApplePay, GooglePay,AmazonPay, and others!

Ironically, because each of my systems last 50-100 uses per kit, most users find that one kit is more than enough for their needs.

However, I have a phenomenal relationship with a variety of pen restorers, nib-meisters, and collectors all around the world who end up needing more than 50 to 100 uses!

If you need bulk polishes, flushes, or replacement parts, shoot me a message using the "chat" button on the bottom right of every page or the contact form (link to the left of this block) — I would love to help you help others!