The Ultimate Fountain Pen Flush

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The Ultimate Fountain Pen Flush

The Ultimate Fountain Pen Flush

Product Description

I formulated this system to not only safely clean dried ink and grime, but to take it one step further and recondition and hydrate the seals and plastic components as well! This makes it the only pen flush on the market that actually leaves your pen in better condition after using it than it was prior! Ironically, other flushes on the market are "toxic" to the various internal seals and gaskets inside of fountain pens, making them brittle and dry which leads to catastrophic damage and expensive repairs.

The kit includes a uniquely shaped 50ml tube that allows you to safely flush your pen without damaging your nib, and because it is highly concentrated, you only need to mix a drop or two with water per use so one bottle lasts over 100 uses!

  • DEEP CLEANS — The Ultimate Pen Flush blasts through dried ink and grime.
  • REVITALIZES SEALS AND GASKETS — Other products damage them, making them brittle and dry, the Ultimate Pen Flush hydrates and reconditions!
  • SAFE FOR YOUR NIBS — Comes with a uniquely shaped 50mL tube that allows you to flush your pen without damaging the nib!
  • OVER 100 USES — Only a few drops is all you need— that's just pennies!
What's Included?
  • Bottle of Ultimate Pen Flush
  • 50mL Pen Flush Tube
  • Instruction Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
Over the years, I have gotten quite a few questions from pen owners like you about my various products. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, and my answers.

If you have any other questions, please shoot me a message via the contact form or the chat on the bottom right of every page!

The fact that it costs pennies per use is not actually the main benefit of this flush... the main benefit stems from the fact that I originally formulated it for my own collection of fountain pens...

You see, I am lucky enough to have a variety of Montblanc, Pelikan, and other high-end fountain pens in my collection — Some are extremely hold, vintage pieces... and parts are hard to find (if not impossible!)

I was concerned, as I was researching pen flushes, that the various products I found were all extremely harsh. Yes... they dissolved ink, but they also dissolved the delicate gaskets and seals!

Unhappy with the offerings out there, I created the Ultimate Pen Flush... a unique cleaner that not only blasted through the dried ink while keeping the internals safe... but actually hydrated, conditioned, and protected them!
Short answer: Over 100 (Yes, ONE HUNDRED) uses! You will only need a drop or two each time you flush your pen!

Remember how, in the answer above, I stated that I am not in this to make money, I'm in it for the pens? That goal makes me one of the worst business owners!

When I design a new system, I aim not just to make the best product ever, but I work to make it as cost-effective as possible for the end user.

That's less than 20 cents each time you flush your pen... but the savings isn't all that matters!
CRAZY Safe... Especially compared to other products out there (more on that below)! Don't forget, this all started because I was unhappy with the offerings I saw on the market and decided to formulate products, from scratch, for my own collection. I'm not in this to make money... I'm in it for the pens.

Unlike other products and companies out there, I am one of you. My wife will attest to the fact that I become almost unhinged when I hone in on a new product. It has to be perfect. There can't be any compromises. If there is a way to get a better result out of a system I am designing, it needs to be done.
A lot of the time, when we think about "ink," we imagine a pure, clean solution. However, that is far from the case. Any liquid with a color has that color because of what are, at the end of the day, impurities in the water.

For example, if you've ever let a cup of tea or coffee sit for too long, you realize that the brown color is literally becoming sludge at the bottom of the cup. Fountain pen ink is the same way.

The color in fountain pen ink is caused by suspended, microscopic particles. Over time, these particles get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your pen. At the same time, the solvent (aka water) that they are suspended in evaporates, creating a sludge. Finally, the various additives often time make fountain pen ink either slightly basic or slightly acidic, which also slowly damages the internals! Don't get me STARTED on shimmering inks and the like — they exacerbate the problems because of the flecks of material on top of colorants.

The Ultimate Fountain Pen Flush is the best (and I'd argue only) way to clean and maintain your pen so that it is able to work perfectly for a long time!
If it's a fountain pen, it works! And, of course, if your pen uses ink and a nib, it needs this!

There are lots of different ways to use the flush: You can either soak it in the solution or you can take it one step further (as I and the name suggest) and pull the fluid into the pen to clean and condition the internals and... well... flush it!

You pull the flush into the pen the same way you'd pull ink into it: With pens like the Montblanc 146 LeGrand and the Montblanc 149 (the Diplomat!), or a variety of Pelikans, etc. you just use the built-in mechanism. To flush pens that use fountain pen convertors, you use the convertor! If your pen uses cartridges, you can either soak the nib or you can preferably use a bulb syringe to "push" fluid through the nib.

As always, I am just an email away to help!