The Ultimate 3-Step Pen Polish


This is what started it all — with thousands and thousands of kits out there right now!

Tired of scratches and scuff marks dulling my pens, but with no product on the market that was up to my standards… I took it into my own hands!

The power of the system is that it consists of three different compounds that excel at their specific tasks, instead of being one compound that is average (or worse!) at everything!

Step #0 is a scratch remover with diminishing micro-abrasives. It actually gets “finer” as you use it, which guarantees you never mar the finish!

Step #1 is a cleaner and non-abrasive polish that further cleans and removes ultrafine scratches that are normally barely perceptible.

Step #2 is a final seal that increases shine to an almost mirror-like level while also adding a layer of protection against fingerprints, UV damage, and scratches.

It also includes a phenomenal, plush microfiber towel for FREE!

Each kit lasts 50+ uses!

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