The Ultimate Finale Glaze


The Ultimate Finale Glaze is the final step in a LONG journey — one that has lasted around a year and a half and gone through countless formulations and hours upon hours of testing!

This Finale Glaze is the last coat you put on your pen that makes it shine deeper and look more beautiful than anything up to this point

Do you NEED to use the Finale Glaze? Not at all. Thousands of pen enthusiasts have used my 3-Step Ultimate Pen Polish and have been floored by the results… This is for those who TRULY want to have the best possible results.

This final formulation contains a variety of high end and rare ingredients that I chose specifically for the precious resin and laquer our pens are made of. I finally decided on a perfect ratio of white to yellow carnauba wax, as well as different essential oils and shine enhancers. I make it personally in small batches and then hand pour them in to the containers. As you can tell, I am VERY proud of this and it really is a project I am passionate about.

Now, considering this is the “final step” after removing all scratches from your pen, I sourced and included an ultrasoft applicator pad with it. It also includes a phenomenal, plush microfiber towel for FREE!

As always, my goal is not just amazing results, but to be extremely cost effective—so each kit lasts 50+ uses!

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