Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your products safe?

A resounding YES.

Don’t forget, I made every one of my products for my OWN use and then released it to help those in the community.

It takes around a year or so of research and testing for me to be fully comfortable releasing a product. I test them on my own pens and watches the entire time as well.

Thousands have used my products… and I have never had a single unhappy customer! 🙂

How long does each system last?

I consider two things every time I formulate a product:

First, how can I make it the most effective product out there? Second, how can I make it the best VALUE?

I try to make sure that each system will last an average of approximately 50 uses. This means it will cost literally pennies every time you do a restore of your pen or watch.

What are the delivery charges for orders?

Delivery charges depend on the items you order and the location you order from.

Generally, shipping is free within the USA. If you are ordering internationally, shipping is generally $13.

Which payment methods are accepted?

For your safety, I accept payments via PayPal only.

Aside from keeping all of your information secure, this also means that almost every form of “major” payment method is accepted via my site!

How long will delivery take?

I try to ship within a day or so of an order being placed. Within the USA, it normally takes around 2-5 days for the product to get to the final location.

If you are ordering internationally, it generally takes around 7-15 days.

What exactly happens after ordering?

This was a question that was part of the FAQ template. Why? I have no idea.

However, seeing as how someone felt it was important enough to be one of the six preselected questions, I thought I would leave it in.

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