How it all started

Ultimate Pen Polish
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First and foremost, I am a HUGE pen buff and have a variety, ranging from modern to 150 year old models. I love not only the design and engineering aspects of a nice pen… but the feeling I get knowing the history behind a nice vintage model or, at the very least, the history behind the company as a whole (which is why I also love the newer MontBlanc lines!).

With that said, one of my BIGGEST problems with high-end pens, MontBlanc and otherwise, is how QUICKLY they seem to get scratched up! This might not be a problem with a BIC (even though it seems that BICs are extremely resilient), but the polished, mirror finish of a high-end pen shows scratches immediately.

After trying almost every product on the market, being disappointed, and even damaging a few of my pens… I decided to work at making the ULTIMATE PEN POLISH myself. My polish not only gets rid of scratches, but it does not damage your pen AND it leaves a layer of protection that increases shine and keeps your expensive pen safe!

As time went on, I began formulating more products — both for pens and watches. Since I put my heart in to these as well, they caught on.

There is a reason that THOUSANDS of pen and watch enthusiasts have fallen in love with my products — they work!

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