The Irony of High End Pens

It seems that the cheaper the pen, the more resilient it is— a BIC can be driven over and look new, but a MontBlanc collects scratches and cracks as it merely touches air.

Not only do scratches and cracks on a high-end pen look tacky, they ruin the value of your investment!

The trick is to get rid of scratches and cracks properly and, then, protect it from that point on!

What Makes Our Systems Different?

I created all of my various systems because I am a perfectionist to a fault and I could not handle knowing I was using the sub-par products on the market on my own beloved pens and watches!

The different pen polishes out there attempt to be “jacks-of-all-trades” and use one product to remove scratches, add shine, and protect the pen. Obviously, there is no way to have one product that does all three of those PROPERLY! The end result is that those products are an extremely abrasive formula that is like taking a grinder to your pen.

My polish system uses a separate formula to do each of those three things— thus, you get the best results possible.

This same logic has gone into both my Ultimate Pen Flush which not only cleans, but hydrates and rejuvenates the internals, unlike the other products that use harsh cleaners and dry and crack them, as well as my Ultimate Strap Cleaner and Conditioner, which does not use silicone or other cheap, low-quality chemicals.

Does Our System Work?





NOTE: This is a REAL set of pictures from an extremely happy customer!